What is Police and Public Safety Psychology

What is Police and Public Safety Psychology?

Police and Public Safety Psychologists assist public safety agencies with carrying out their missions and societal functions with optimal effectiveness, safety, health, and conformity to laws and ethics.This specialized field includes the application of the science and profession of psychology in four primary areas of practice: assessment, clinical intervention, operational support, and organizational consultation. Read More

Heather McElroy - Expert in Psychological Risk Management

Why Does Our Team Make Us the Experts in Psychological Risk Management?

SMA employs Board Certified Police and Public Safety Psychologists, some of whom are also POST certified peace officers. Our specialization in public safety ensures that we have the skills to help you select the best candidates, maintain stability among your personnel, and develop operations that produce results relevant to your agency. Read More

Public Safety

How can Stone, McElroy & Associates Assist Your Public Safety Agency or Private Organization?

SMA offers expert consulting services for public safety agencies to support their provision of ongoing public safety activities. Consultation includes strategic, analytic, and expert guidance and professional assistance in performance appraisal, organizational improvement/development, mediation, as well as supervisor, management, and executive consultation. Read More

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