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Company Overview

Stone, McElroy and Associates is an Atlanta-based Consulting Psychology firm that has been successfully providing occupational risk-management psychological services since 1987. Clients have included many law enforcement and other public safety organizations, media production companies, airlines, hospitals, universities, and many other private and public sector organizations.

Our primary mission is to help private and public sector employers hire and retain individuals who are:

  - effective in performing the requirements of their positions;
  - able to perform within the specific structure and demands of their profession and the     employer's organization;
  - able to perform in their position without representing a risk of harm to themselves or others.

This mission translates into our undertaking independent risk-management evaluations on behalf of employers, particularly those in safety-sensitive fields such as law enforcement, fire, and healthcare.

Stone and Associates is based in Atlanta Georgia with adjunct staff in the New York City area. Our staff is comprised of clinical and forensic psychologists with extensive experience in risk management psychology on top of specialized expertise in different psychological specialties, such as child psychology, neuropsychology and assessment psychology.

In addition to performing psychological evaluations, we have vast experience in helping organizations manage ongoing personnel-related risk (e.g., on-site availability for high risk undertakings). We have served as expert witnesses in a number of legal cases related to employment and risk, and we have worked with organizations to help define critical characteristics to be evaluated during screening. Finally, we have years of experience in responding to workplace crises, such as threats or acts of violence.

At present, Stone and Associates provides regular ongoing psychological screening and other services to many municipalities, universities, health facilities, and state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the major state law enforcement agencies in Georgia, many of the public safety agencies within the Atlanta Metropolitan area, and public safety agencies on Long Island, New York. In addition to screening and fitness for duty services, Stone and Associates provides training and post trauma services for these and many additional organizations, many in the private sector.

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